Eliza Ponds is built on the original factory site of Watson’s Foods, famous for their delectable range of Watsonia branded small goods and dairy. The estate is named after the plentiful natural wetlands and the wife of William Watson, founder of Watsonia.

He purchased the Woodlands estate in 1908, and by 1918 William and Eliza had established Watsonia and nurtured a successful business. As well as being a successful entrepreneur and businessman, William Watson was also a federal member of parliament, serving 12 years in office in his later years.

A major source of employment in Spearwood, the factory helped to sustain and grow the local community. In respect for the history of the estate, Eliza Ponds reflects the original character of the site, incorporating elements of its past. As a new land development, it pays homage to the land’s history, whilst moving forward to become a vibrant, established community.

Source: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, www.curtin.edu.au, December 2012.